Hello everyone. I’ve not posted/written for several months and my intention was to stay away from WCL and anything related to it throughout the season. However, Shoaib Ahmed mentioned to me (on more than one occasion) that several people have told him (and I suspect he feels the same way) that they think that the anonymous articles that have been posted on 22Yards’ website have been written by me. I was quite surprised and disappointed as I thought that after all these years of writing, most of you would know me better. Over the years when I’ve written anything, including criticizing Shoaib or the EC or when I’ve been critical about any issue, I’ve done so under my name. I’ve written weekly picks for years, and did that under my name. Why would I now, when I’m not even playing, start writing anonymously and start posting on someone else’s website? Even if I wanted to write anonymously, I could have still done that on our own website (here) and not go to a third party to publish. I have the conviction that whatever I write, I will back it up with reason and with my name. You may not have liked what I write, and that’s perfectly fine, but at least you knew why I took the position that I did. And I always backed it up with reason.

I also want to you all to know that today I received an anonymous article with a request to post it. The article’s content was meant to elicit reaction from various members of the league. I consulted various people, and most said that it should not be published since it’s anonymous. I respected their views and decided not to publish it. 22 yards too decided not to publish it. I called Shoaib and told him about the article and he said that the league is adopting a new policy where they will not allow anonymous articles to be linked on their forum. He further stated that “we can’t stop you from writing or publishing on your website and you can certainly publicize it through your own facebook account.” In essence, he was saying that I can go ahead and publish that article if I wanted to. I talked to Julius, who is now in charge of Virginia Wolves and he strongly advised me not to publish it. I respect Julius a lot and I don’t want this article, written by someone I don’t even know, to become a distraction for his team simply because it’s published on the Challengerscc website as people might think that anybody associated with Zolon/Wolves had anything to do with it. The reason I say this is that last year there were 2 articles published by someone named “Cricket Bunny” on his website and requested me to link the articles on the wcl forum. I had linked them, simply because I feel that when something is out there published in a public domain that discusses players/team/wcl matters the members should know what is being said about them. It did not mean that I agreed with what was said, or endorsed it. I was simply providing information about what existed. However, players from Virginia Cricket club falsely assumed that I had something to do with the articles. I remember Guru Chitna specifically mentioned it to me at our game during the season. And my reply to him then was, “If that’s what you think, then I’m afraid you don’t know me.” I know it did little to convince him, and that’s fine. It’s not my problem that people think that I had anything to do with those articles.

I’ve always had the conviction to back what I write with my name and if I do write in the future, I will do so under my name. In fact, the other day Julius requested me to write an article about how I believe PD and D1 should be reorganized to make them more compelling, but I told him that I won’t write as I’ve stepped away from WCL related matters. But I felt that I needed to set the record straight on this particular issue.



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