Division II – Week 3 (05/03-05/04)

Praveen Cherukuri

Coming off the blocks: Ready, Set, Go ….. Windies, Hunters and Falcons have indeed set themselves away from the pack, and every team is going to have to play catch-up now, not only because these three teams played an extra game compared to other teams, but also because it puts pressure on teams that play both days of a given weekend to perform well on both days. This will now become a necessity if a team needs to maintain the upper-hand statistically. Teams playing twice this week: Chargers, and Sixers. Good luck to all teams for Week 3 given that matted pitches may have low-bounce, and out-fields soggy and slippery with the kind of weather we have had this week.


Week 3 Picks


Windies at Chargers


Pick: Windies; Windies have demonstrated successfully this T20 season that they chase totals extremely well. All their three wins have come this way. Chargers can come up with a surprise victory if they can get their performance match with their first week victory.


Frederick at Nova


Pick: Nova; These two teams are without a victory so far, and it would be interesting match to see who wins. Nova is the pick for this week on run and wicket stats, but Frederick can pull off an upset.


Falcons at Sixers


Pick: Falcons; Falcons have shown that they can defend small totals (70’s and 80’s), and they have shown that they can chase big totals. Now that’s the reason they are the pick for this week. Sixers are coming off a hard loss to Empire last week inspite of scoring 130 runs. So this match is going to be a good one to watch!


Lions at Chargers


Pick: Chargers; Chargers are a pick; however Lions can pull something stunning off, if they beat the Chargers.


Masters at Hunters


Pick: Hunters; Hunters are going to be the pick the way they have been performing in the last three games. Masters are very capable of stopping the Hunters this week, given how they have performed in the previous couple weeks. Good game to watch!!


Warriors at Bengals


Pick: Warriors; I wish I could say both teams will win, but that would sound ridiculous, so I picked one by coin toss. Both teams have shown exactly the same performance levels. This will be a fantastic game to watch.


Sixers at Omnitech


Pick: Sixers; Sixers going into this game with a tough loss last week against Empire. Omnitech will be looking to break their losing streak; if they pull off, this will create the upset.


Empire at Dcunited


Pick: Empire; Empire showed their ability to chase big totals will little loss of manpower. Dcunited is not the pick though they showed amazing victory over Warriors last week by 1 wicket chasing 143 runs. What? Wait … why did I pick Empire? Coin toss again. This is a good, good duel to watch.




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