Division II – Week 2 (04/26-04/27)

Praveen Cherukuri

Seven of eight picks from last week were correct, suggesting that last year’s statistics are still valid for this season. Last week was a warm up week for most teams as they tried to see how things were working with players and conditions. This week is going to show who the dominant teams are. Teams that figured out the right ‘recipe’ will stick to it, and those teams that lost will look to experiment a little and find that right balance between preparation, team selection, and performance. There might be upsets this week in my picks, as my picks are only based on last weeks performances. Windies and Falcons are playing 2 games this weekend. Good luck to all teams for Week 2.

Week 2 Picks


Sixers at Empire


Pick: Empire; Empire played well last week, only to be defeated by a better scoring team (Warriors). Sixers are coming into this week from a sound victory over Bengals. Sixers are bound for success if they can still to their tight bowling. Pick is Empire as they scored close to 6 per over.


Lions at Windies


Pick: Windies; Windies had an excellent game last week over Nova winning by 6 wicket in 14.4 overs. This will be a cracker match, as Lions will be waiting to bounce back after their massive defeat in week 1 to Hunters


Chargers at Hunters


Pick: Hunters; Hunters go into this week undefeated in two games played last week scoring massive scores against Lions and Frederick. This is a good match to see the result, as Chargers scored over 140 runs as well in their first week.


Falcons at Omnitech


Pick: Omnitech; Omnitech is the pick this week as they managed better-run rate than Falcons, though they lost their first game against Bengals. Falcons will be looking to bounce back and get better run rate; will be nice match to watch.


Windies at Frederick


Pick: Windies; Windies will look to play a second day the same weekend, however they have shown some good powerful hitting. To contain these stalwarts, Frederick will be looking to shift gears from last week’s match against Hunters. Will be a nice game to watch.


Warriors at Dcunited


Pick: Warriors; Warriors will be looking to continue their dominant performance from last week, and Dcunited will be looking to fight back from their first week defeat to Falcons.


Bengals at Falcons


Pick: Bengals; Bengals will look to continue their high run-rate by scoring quickly, as they did against Omnitech in week 1. Falcons will be looking to improve their performance to match this side, though they won their first match against Dcunited.


Nova at Masters


Pick: Nova; Both teams will be coming here to get their first win of the season. This match can go either way as both teams scored close to 120 in 20. Only reason I picked Nova is because they lost 8 wickets in 20 overs, versus Masters lost 9 wickets in 20 overs last game.




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