The WCL Awards Banquet is a celebration of the season and recognition of individual and team achievements. Over the past few years the number of awards has significantly gone up, coinciding with the increase in teams and Divisions. I spoke with several people who have attended the event the past few years and they were of the opinion that we need to reduce the duration of the event. i.e. reduce the number of awards handed out. This does not mean that league should reduce the number of awards. What the league can do is recognize the individual awards in the printed awards program such as Centurions, 5 wickets, and other statistical awards and allow the recipients to pick them up at the ceremony, but not call out the individual recipients to come to the stage to pick up their awards.

 I recognize that those individuals who have won these awards wish to be recognized, but having their names printed out in the awards list is a good way to recognize their achievement. When a very large number of awards are given out at the event, it lowers the importance of the awards and those attending and awards seem desensitized to the importance and the entire event becomes long and monotonous.

There are 5 team awards per Division: Jefferson Conference Trophy, Lincoln Conference Trophy, Inter Conference Trophy, 40 Over Championship Trophy and T-20 Championship Trophy. Multiply that by 3 and you’ve got 15 team trophies.

In addition, here are the following individual awards that are to be announced at the event: Cricketer of the year, All-rounder of the year, Captain of the year (for all Divisions). That’s 9 additional awards.  All these awards are special and they will remain special if we limit the amount of awards handed out.

By reducing the awards handed out the event organizers can utilize the time to add entertainment to the event. Perhaps a stand-up comic? Or some other entertaining item? This will make the night more special and will bring more people to the event in the future. Because currently, only teams and players getting the awards come out.

 Some food for thought!



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