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Since its T20 playoffs semifinals time, I thought I would take a shot in all three divisions:

Division 2

Washington vs. Nova

These were the two teams’ middle of the season I thought deserved the most to go through to division 1. However, cricket is a funny game, and both of them will face each other for t20 semifinal match up. I believe Washington will win this one easily. Nova, from the news I have been hearing, has been having internal issues, and I am not sure if they will have the right mentality to face Washington. This should be a pretty one sided semi- final

Pick: Washington

Windies vs. Chargers

This is a very interesting matchup. Windies, coming fresh from division 2 championship win, will want to prove it’s not a fluke. They have a very good batting line up, but Chargers equally have the talent for defense. For Chargers, if both openers click, they have a chance. Windies Bowling attack will be led by Patrick, and it will be tough for both to stick around too much. I will pick Windies in a close fight.

Pick: Windies


Division 1

Sixers vs. Fairfax

This will be a very one- sided semifinal. Sixers are definitely top 5 teams in the entire league in t20 format (including premier). They reached the wcl night final, and were only 2 sixes away from winning the championship. The tha tha tha crew loves to beat the crap out of the bowlers in this format, and they have been practicing t20 format in DCL.

Fairfax, on the other hand, is the cute kid who is just happy to be participating in the semi- final. Since the game is at Bucklodge, I expect Sixers to bat first and score 160 plus, and Fairfax folding under 100.

Pick: Sixers


UMBC vs. Falcons

UMBC must be disappointed about not making to 40 over finals. From the looks of it, it seems like they are already in off season mode thinking about premier division. For Falcons, they shocked the league by whooping ICC. I won’t lie, Sixers vs. UMBC final will be a mouthwatering clash for the audience (tha tha tha vs. unity).While there is no doubt UMBC are favorites here, I believe Falcons will score 140 plus and bowl out UMBC under 120 to get to the finals.

Pick: Falcons



Titans vs. Vikings

Titans must be so glad they did not have to play the quarterfinals for T20 😉 Vikings, on the other hand, surprised everyone by beating powerful Dulles. Vikings have always been a good team, but within house fights, they messed up their season and going to division 1. Titans, on the other hand, would be waiting for this semifinal as they usually thrive in t20 format. Since the game is at Bucklodge, I expect it to be a high scoring one, but I believe Titans will take this one in a close one.

Pick: Titans

Zolons vs. Cosmos

Both teams have a true love- hate relationship (Anurag loves Cosmos while Cosmos hate him). As per my inside information, Steven Taylor and Jesse are coming to town, and Anurag is sitting out because Hemanth has told him T20 format was not created during his prime time lol (jk Anurag is injured from last week). One thing I must say about Zolons, that while Tigers and Virginia talk about the lion tiger senseless facebook banter, Zolons truly has showed the league they are the really “DADDY” of the league. Ok back to T20 semifinal, I believe Cosmos rely too much on Ravi Teja to bail them out. Zolon bowlers are too smart, and don’t think Ravi Teja will make too much noise. This should be another one sided semi- final, as Hemanth will get his wish: Beating the crap out of Cosmos 😉

Pick: Zolon.



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