Someone I like very much, and respect (Rikin) asked that I should write, as did another dear friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous. Rikin said, “You don’t have to write the weekly picks. But just write a weekly article”. I’m not sure if I will write weekly, but I will honor their request this week, by writing something. And yes, I’ll keep it short.

The t20 season has been going very well. We’ve had only one rained out game and most of the games have been very competitive. Let’s start with D2. The team that has emerged as the cream of the crop is Hunters. This team has done exceedingly well and stands a very good chance to claim the #1 seed in the playoffs. The other team that has also done very well is Windies. This team has shown that it is a force to reckon with in the division. Another team to watch out for is the defending champions, Falcons. I think the D2 playoffs will be a lot of fun.

In D1, Sri Lankan is clearly the best team. This team is focused and wants to win in both formats. The team has worked hard the past 3 years, and unfortunately ran into the best team in the division in the semi final round of the 40 over the past 3 years. This year though, this is the best team in the division and unless the uncertainty of the playoffs does something, should qualify for the PD. But before all that, it’s the t20 competition and this team has everything required to win. But it will have some competition by CCC and Baltimore. Other teams have a chance too, but need to prove themselves first.

In the PD, Titans have stood out above the rest. The team is on a mission and Shoaib wants to make sure that his team wins both the t20 and the 40 over championship under his reign as President. He has put together a compelling team that will have every chance to do so. But there are others who will have something to say. Primary among them are the defending champions Dulles and the champions one year removed, Tigers. These two teams have the firepower on both sides of the ball to upend Titans’ plans. Other teams only have an outside chance.

But let’s not focus too much on who will win in the playoffs. The following two weekends are all about getting into position to qualify for the playoffs, and then try to get the highest seed possible. Teams in all three divisions will be trying their best to do just that.


Let me briefly address one other issue. Last weekend a player from one of the teams in D2, who was injured, was not allowed to be substituted as the league rule requires consent from the opposing captain. There is no rule in cricket that requires the opposition captain to authorize a substitute fielder in case of injury. The league rule states the following:

Opposing captain’s consent is only required if the player is NOT hurt during the game or if there is no illness. Otherwise for injury and illness, the umpire can allow a substitute and does NOT need consent of the opposing captain
However, the substitute should have been declared on the team list at the time of the toss. If the team has not done so, then to make a change to the submitted list, by adding the name of the substitute fielder, they would need the consent of the opposing captain.



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