ZolonTech has made a commitment to encourage and promote athletic achievement and to help young players achieve their dreams. Zolon wants to give back to the community in various ways. It is currently in the forefront of helping cricket enthusiasts get quality cricket fields by working with various county governments and Parks & Recreational organizations. It has also made a commitment to help underprivileged kids, who want to play cricket, by providing them with uniforms and equipment. We appreciate the help Zolon is providing and highly encourage you to visit their website www.ZolonTech.com to learn more about them and support them as best  you can.

ZolonTech’s Value Proposition:

Zolon is a company built upon corporate confidence. Through their executive commitment to excellence and significant financial investments, Zolon has been SCAMPI A-appraised at the SEI’s CMMI® ML3: placing it among the top five percent (5%) of all IT services firms worldwide and making it one of only five 8(a) firms that have both this and an ISO 9001:2000 registered QMS.

Throughout its years of corporate experience, Zolon  has strengthened its ability to quickly satisfy its clients’ IT staff augmentation and project sourcing requirements. Today, Zolon uses a formidable force of recruiters to directly support its program, project, and business relationship managers for satisfying the clients’ IT resource requirements.

The culture of Zolon is one of shared success, not just with customers but also with employees. Making part of the company’s stock available (in the form of stock options) to key Zolon managers and staff, the founders have made it likely that when you work with a Zolon employee, you’re likely working with a Zolon shareholder with some “skin in the game”




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