The two teams demoted from PD to D1 after the 2017 forty over season, based on standings, are  Nitro and Sri Lankan. Reliable sources have said that Urbana has requested the league that they would like to move down from PD to D1. There is nothing wrong with that, as teams should be allowed to move down, if they so desire. The EC is considering allowing Nitro to remain in PD to take Urbana’s place. I hope that the EC will reconsider this. Nitro had every chance during the season to keep its place in the PD, but was unable to. They should be demoted based on their performance. What should happen is that Dulles should be promoted to PD. There are multiple reasons why I say this but the key reason is that Dulles was very unlucky not to have been promoted to PD due to the controversy surrounding their game vs Kensington in a rain disrupted game where Kensington refused to share the score with the umpire and Dulles, and it was alleged (although there was no way to prove) that Kensington had fudged the score to win via the D/L method. Dulles had appealed but based on the current by-laws, their appeal was rejected. Had Dulles won this game, they would have earned the #1 seed and the automatic promotion to PD. Dulles, along with Star, were the most consistent teams in D1 this past season. I believe it is only fair to promote them to PD so justice prevails.

This will also create a precedence that teams from lower Divisions will be given priority for promotion when a higher Division team decides to demote itself. There is no reason why a team that, according to the rules, is scheduled to be demoted should be given an opportunity to remain in the higher Division after having the entire season to prove that they belong. If the team is deserving, it can come up the ranks the following year by earning its way up. When a slot in higher Division opens up (as a result of a team deciding to demote itself), priority should be given to teams from the lower Division. A place in the higher Division is earned by play on the field. Any team that is unable to win enough games during the course of the season does not deserve to keep that spot as a result of another team deciding to move down. I hope the EC will carefully consider this before making a final decision, as it will impact teams in the future.

Shoaib Ahmed wrote: Anurag, we had this discussion in the past when Zolon was denied admission in the PD so we do have some precedent regards to demotions and promotions. I will repeat again that you can’t compare PD and D1 competitions. One should understand that Nitro played much harder schedule (playing against pros) compare to Dulles playing in D1. I strongly believe that PD and D1 and two different competitions and should not be mixed. If a PD team decides to move down than the team from PD should be given a opportunity to stay unless they decide to pass and in this case an opportunity was provided to Srilankan team and they also passed on it.

I’m not sure you’re looking at it correctly. You say, and I paraphrase, You can’t compare PD and D1 competitions…Nitro played much harder schedule vs Dulles. So let’s analyze this statement. Nitro finished the season 0-11. I can argue that any D2 team, let alone D1, could have equaled that record. In fact, any team from the youth league could also finish 0-11 in the PD. Does that make them worthy of playing in PD? I’ll give you another simple example: Let’s say there are 20 students in medical school in the first  year. One student scored zero on every exam. Should that student be allowed to stay in that medical school where seats are limited? Or should a chance be given to another student who might not have taken as tough an exam but had done well one level below?

I would argue that a tough schedule shouldn’t be the evaluation factor. It should be based on how you do with that schedule. Had Nitro won 2 or 3 games, you could have argued that they played a tough schedule and still managed to win a few games. It isn’t very tough to win zero games. Such results clearly demonstrate that such a team does not deserve to remain in PD. The fact remains that based on current rules, the bottom 2 teams MUST be relegated and it is the EC’s responsibility to enforce that. If another team decides to vacate a spot, that spot must go to the next deserving team from the lower Division and not to a team that did not meet eligibility requirements to remain in PD.



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