Last week saw an upset with Boyds beating Tigers and I was lucky that my wild card pick worked with an unlikely victory for the Vikes. 50% of the games are complete now and its that time of the regular season when the teams have to make the right plays to finish well to make the all-important playoffs. My top 6 picks (that I had picked before the 40 overs season began) are doing well and hopefully the streak continues! I personally am tired of the rains and I am sure most of the WCL cricket fans share the same sentiment. I prefer the sun behind my back with the outfield well baked providing the much-needed even contest between bat & ball on the farm like fields in the MDV region.

AFCA vs Boyds @ Strawberry on 07/18

Boyds are riding high on confidence on the back of their win last week while AFCA are well short of confidence. I expect the upward trend to continue for boyds. Batting is still a worry – especially the opening partnership. Openers have to spend time in the middle – Somehow, the art of leaving the ball has gone out of the window with the advent of T20 leagues. Opening batsmen like to touch every ball no matter how wide the ball is. Maybe, its not a bad idea to leave some and then make up for it later. Food for thought.I expect Boyds to win quite easily unless AFCA bats first and score around 200 runs. Boyds have better balance with the ball due to Shan coming into the squad and hopefully are giving him aggressive fields with the license to bowl quick with the sole intent of picking wickets. They have the spin bowling covered with a lot of options. AFCA would like Anees, Hamid and others to start taking responsibility with the bat to put runs on the board. If they don’t , this should be a cake-walk for boyds.

Srilankan vs Cosmos @ Williamwirt on 07/18

Cosmos were shot out for a very low score last week. But, the srilankan bowling should not be posing any problems for them this week. Srilankan had a tough loss against VCC and there is no respite this week as well. Cosmos is a balanced side and would want to quickly forget about their performance last week. I fully expect them to put up a strong show. Srilankan needs to improve their batting and things will start falling into place – easier said than done. Easy win for Cosmos.

Titans vs Nitro @ Veterans on 07/19

Both teams are back from a long vacation but I expect Titans to beat Nitro @ Veterans. Had it been Hyattsville, it would have been closer, but Veterans is a better ground for batsmen and Nitro will not be able to squeeze the flow of runs with spin like they do @ Hyattsville. I still believe they are short of a batman to take on stronger teams. Nitro picked up a convincing win against AFCA the last time they played but are struggling to consistently bat well. There was some fb banter early this week about an anonymous individual trashing Titans. I certainly don’t agree with the comments of this individual who has predicted titans won’t make the playoffs. Titans have done exceedingly well this season losing only 1 game with limited resources. Even though they don’t have the resources like some of the other teams have, their local players have performed exceedingly well. If they solve the batting issue, they will be a much stronger team and should easily sail deep into the playoffs. I am picking Titans to win @ Veterans.

Zolon vs Virginia @ Bucklodge on 07/19

This game is a mouth-watering prospect. Virginia are going to be loaded and so are Zolon. Zolon are definitely up as far as the fielding goes and this might decide the outcome of the game. The 15/20 runs gained by better running between the wickets and sharp fielding usually goes a long way. Both teams will like to bat first and put runs on the board. Virginia have better variety with the ball and Zolon has a very strong batting lineup. Hopefully this contest lives up to its billing and provides good entertainment to the WCL community. I am going to pick Zolon to win because I strongly feel fielding and running between the wickets will make the difference.



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  1. anurag says:

    Kaushal — I disagree with you about the resources that Titans have. Wait until next week, when very high quality players come in to make Titans even stronger.

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