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Ahsan is a keen follower of WCL cricket and has played in the PD over the past several seasons. He is an intelligent and articulate guy who understands the game well. He was requested to provide the picks for PD and he has agreed to do so. We appreciate his contribution and hope all of you will enjoy and encourage him as the season progresses.

My dear friend Anurag suggested that I write the picks for PD. With all due respect to all the teams and with complete humbleness, here is my subjective stab at that task.

Disclaimer: These picks are completely based on recent form, bench strength, familiarity with the ground conditions etc. I would love to be proved wrong as I am equally a romantic of seeing the unexpected underdog defeating the favorite. Please excuse my lack of knowledge about certain teams’ squad updates, it will definitely improve as the season goes along. Without further laying the defensive groundwork of my audacity, here are the picks for this week.

Note: I will give a percent of winning for each team just to make it a little more interesting.


Vikings vs Zolon May 7th at Strawberry: Vikings 20% Zolon 80%

Zolon has tried to steer away from its non-local talent from last year and have bolstered its squad with some reputable local talent. Vikings is in a transition phase and hence will find it tough to go past the reigning champions.

AFCA vs Potomac May 7th at Veterans: AFCA  35%Potomac65%

Potomac has made big strides in their early PD games and start out as favorites in this showdown. AFCA is also somewhat in a transition phase but has the ability to pack a punch. It will be a good game for the spectators.

Tigers vs Boyds May 7th at Bucklodge: Boyds 45% Tigers 55%

Though Boyds have recently defeated a very good Cosmos team in their home conditions, Tigers will start out as marginal favorites based on the variety in their roster. Tigers take their cricket very seriously across the format and look formidable like they always do. Boyds can never be discounted as they showed last year. This game will provide a good insight into the preparations and buildup of both teams for the season ahead.

Virginia vs Nitro May 7th at Hyattsville: Nitro 45% Virginia 55%

Though Virginia has historically taken this format lightly but this year they have also bolstered their squad with some good local talent and the news is that their management is keen on improving their T20 record. Nitro is a decent team and have the ability to rally around their senior players to spring a surprise. Hard to pick a winner in this one but Virginia is marginally ahead due to the fact that Nitro is yet to play a game.

AFCA vs Srilankans May 8th at Veterans: Srilankan 45% AFCA  55%

Srilankans started their campaign well against Virginia and came very close to beating a strong Potomac side. This one again can go either way but AFCA’s familiarity with Veterans and their relatively strong performance against Dulles puts them marginally ahead.


22 Yards vs Boyds May 8th at Metro: 22 Yards 45% Boyds 55%

Boyds are playing two strong opponentsback to back this weekend and their first game against Tigers will prepare them well against a very talented 22 Yards (formerly UMBC) team. I would have picked 22 Yards if it wasn’t for the fact I just mentioned. Needless to say that Boyds will definitely struggle if they fail to field their full strength side.

Titans vs Dulles May 8th at Veterans: Dulles 40% Titans 60%

This one is easily the Game of the week. Home field does play a role in any game but Dulles is not far behind in their familiarity of the Veterans. Both teams have made some important preseason recruitment decisions and it will be interesting to see the impact of those decisions. Anees and Ameeq are in form and if Titans’ bowling (led by Waleed) clicks then Dulles may just find it a little challenging to get past their opponents. Another great matchup for the spectators.

Jamaica vs Cosmos May 8th at Fairfax: Jamaica 40% Cosmos 60%

Both teams have one win in their home conditions which is a telling factor in predicting this week’s winner. Cosmos plays really well at Fairfax and will be a tough opponent to beat in their home ground.














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