Although posted on our site, the views of the oddsmaker are his. We didn’t expect him to rate our team so highly. We wish he hadn’t as we haven’t earned anything yet and don’t think  we’re anywhere near as good as he has made us out to be.


The so called abbreviated version of cricket which we call T20 regular season is upon us.  So as not to fail with my erstwhile predictions which was fairly accurate last year in the 40 over version, I will venture only slightly to predict T20. I hope my March madness brackets bust is not going to follow me here.

  Premier Division

Only three teams will matter here, Tigers, Vikings and Zolon.  These 3 teams are built for both versions of the game. But will excel in T20. Why Zolon, because they are the wolf in sheep’s clothing, this team that went to the finals of the division prior to the premier division being implemented.  They are back where they wanted to be and will rise to the top.

Virginia, Kensington don’t take T20 seriously and will put forth a mediocre effort.  Boyd the beautiful lady that enchants but fizzles when the heat is turned on.  AFCA, Cosmos, and Nitro will be schedule fillers, who may show the occasional firework but will be out matched with the aforementioned elite 3.

UMBC will have an adjustment period and their bats will have to navigate the precise bowling attacks in the premier division. I think they will have a better showing in the 40 over competition.

Like the Washington Football team, the Titans always win the WCL preseason competition. Emperor Shoji is loading up with test and US players. Remember the story of the Emperor with no clothes. I think the emperor is loading up for 40 over.

Division 1 

There is a Star shining in this division, if DJ brings the jersey boys for this then they will be a force to reckon with. ICC is an enigma. Hard to see who is going to rise to the top? My picks ICC STAR and Elite


Division 2

There is a Stallion that is going to gallop through the competition and win it. But will this be a wild horse or racehorse, it remains to be seen. The falcons always fly high and Windies may make a charge. The rest schedule fillers.

Look for a more comprehensive analysis for the 40 over competition



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