Division 2 playoffs:


Today’s Travel vs. Washington Chargers@Strawberry

This match is definitely one to watch for and I will try to remain unbiased when writing this but can’t promise anything. Chargers have played this season with 10 players on the field for 70 percent of their games. Availability issues have plagued a strong side and that lead to 2 defeats in the last 2 games. However, the squad is back this weekend. All the homegrown exports are returning home to take their team to its first semi final. Today’s Travel poses a unique challenge. On their day, AKA when their imports show up, they are formidable opponents. Side note: I’m all for imports as they help everyone raise their games. However, they have a soft belly of local players that Chargers will be looking to exploit. Strawberry is a strong ground with astro so expect a high scoring game. Whichever way the game goes it’ll be exciting and for anyone who wants to sample the talent D2 has to offer this is the game to watch. My pick obviously is my team, CHARGERS! (inshAllah, knock on wood, all other superstitions). Pick: Chargers


Pakistan vs Masters@Hyattsville

This is the biggest mismatch of the playoffs and I expect Pakistan to take this match easy. Especially since it’s on matting and their batsmen are big and strong and hit straight. On astro their techniques are easily exploited as seen in last year’s final vs Spartans. Not many of their players have a back foot game or even defense. Masters is a weird team. They are extremely lazy in the field and give up when things don’t go their way. I’m surprised that they made it to the playoffs and props to them. Good luck to both teams but I expect Pakistan to have an easy day at the cricket. But don’t worry Masters, I might have jinxed Pakistan. Pick: Pakistan


Lions vs Omnitech@Bucklodge.

Lions is my favorite team after Chargers of course. They embody everything that club cricket is supposed to be. They started off as a team of players that were considered a walk in every game. However, they stuck to it and are now in the playoffs as one of the highest ranked teams in the division. They brought in new players but their existing players improved too. They play for the love of the game. I knew the guys when they lost and when they are winning now and they  have the same pride in their team. They have one solid top order bat and everyone else bats around him so Omnitech needs to get Sahil out early. Their bowlers I can’t say much about as I haven’t faced many of them this season. Omnitech can bat all the way to 11 and Deepak has been on a tear. An average of 46 is impressive but a strike rate of nearly 200 is insane. Even if lions are on top he has the ability to change the match within 20-25 balls. Their bowlers are disciplined but can be targeted in the first 8. I would advise Lions to go after them in the powerplay and then take their time. Bucklodge is also a high scoring ground and defending there can be tough so posting 230-240 would be mandatory for whoever bats first. It’s a tough pick for me but I’m going for Lions because it’ll be the ultimate underdog story. Good luck to both teams. Pick: Lions


DCU vs  Baltimore@Hyattsville

I’ll keep this one short. I don’t know anything about the DCU team and I don’t like Baltimore because of the way they behave on the field. So I’m going off of stats and records and I expect DCU to win. However, they did top the table in regular season so they might get complacent as many teams seem to so Baltimore can use that as motivation. Pick: DCU



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