We are past the quarter finals into the semis and competition is going to get even tougher now.


Quick Review –


In the ICC/Sixers game, ICC batted Sixers out of the game. This can happen at Strawberry particularly to teams that do not have a strong bowling attack or don’t have good spinners. If Sixers are serious about going to PD, this is an area of improvement for next year.

Dulles, I didn’t think would have too much trouble against Kensington. They didn’t. Openers got them a start and middle order got runs against a lackluster Kensington attack. Bottom line – Kensington will need better imports to be competitive in D1.

I thought the Empire/Fairfax would be the mostly closely fought game last week and it was. Empire setup the game with a competitive total. Fairfax had slight bit of trouble chasing it, but Sabin kept going like the fighter that he is. Well done. Empire batsmen got starts but failed to keep going. Fairfax utilized 8 bowlers and mixed things well.

Picks –

ICC/Dulles – Again, Game of Semis…Both teams have strong batting. Dulles is expected to do well on matting like the last game. Will ICC bowling imports show up? Interestingly, Usman was the only bowler to have an economy rate fewer than five in the last game. Dulles bowling on the other hand performed outstanding against Kensington. I think their experience of bowling on matting played a key role. I am going to call Dulles an underdog and pick them to win this game…

Star/Fairfax – Fairfax secured a tough win last game. I thought they bowled well to the big hitting Empire batsmen.  Bucklodge helps both teams equally. Star bowling unit is similar to Sixers, they lack quality spin. Abdul/Vidhya will have to make up for this and bat out of their skin to post a good total. Not easy to pick a winner here, I lean towards Fairfax because of their bowling. It’s an underdog story again.



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