The “Ghost” will be writing throughout the playoffs. This is his first article and he appears to not be holding back ….

My name is GHOST gentlemen; I am here for good now. You will not discover much about me. You will only when it’s called for. Been here for a good amount of years and I will make sure, I get under your skin lol.

In speaking of this high roller, I recollect you’re targeting one team over and over in your articles and picks. Yes, I am talking about Washington Tigers and Imran awan. This man has played cricket since you were in your nappies. I know who you are now. Your individuality is not hidden lol. It’s pretty obvious which club you’re interpreting. Your words are weaker when you’re talking about certain teams. It’s pretty clear that ……… is your squad. Maybe you’re not in the plying 11 this year. I do read all your articles though.

But I am not here to talk about premier division. I’ll bring your concentration to division 1. Many premier division players are playing in division 1 this yr. Division 1 is your mini premier division people. We can’t disagree with that.

My playoff picks for DIV1

Stars: Congrats on entering premier division, only ask yourself can you really survive PD NEXT YEAR? I’ll depart you with that question. Stars did loose last three games in a row and still made it to the PD. Shame on Fairfax for not securing the spot. Stars will lose in semifinals since the momentum is gone. They’re highly depending on certain players, but remember you won’t get another opportunity.

Dulles: Young college team. They do cheat on the field, though. They stiff you on the boundaries but it’s bad for cricket. Clement, is the only actor who needs to score for Dulles and once this man keeps going there’s no stop to it. Just remember they do have a good bowling attack. They can chase anything these days. They’re the grounds why the Vikings are out of the playoffs.

Sixers: RAJA Saab is a curious character. He’s running the Sixers with zero runs. He’s been flying under the radar this year. I don’t know why Sixers are not looking for a new master. Bari should lead the Sixers in the future. He’s calm and by the book. Raja aka Facebook warrior who’s always noisy on wcl page. Can the current playing win championship this year, I highly doubt it. If they do win the quarterfinal they won’t come through in the semis.
Ehsan, can lead the Sixers with big inning, but he wasn’t consistent this year.

ICC: Ramesh and Shan. Two brains are running ICC. Biggest lost was Sabin Sunder, when he joined Vivek Patel for Fairfax cc. On field Usman is the police chief and he has done one heck of a job for ICC. He’s the backbone of ICC in the middle order. He’s truly a PD player. ICC has three lightning fast bowlers. Utam Munroe took 7 wickets in just two games alone. Suppose this guy had played the full season. Ali Salam has qualified for the playoffs as well. Last, but my least, how can we ignore Madhu? They will come hard at their opponents if they break all the way. Let’s not forget a lot of Benjamin’s were spent in ICC and legends like WAQAS SHAHID joined ICC as well. Domwell hector, Utam Munroe (lightning fast bowler), Marvin Darlington, Rohan hope, Madhu Balapudi (most wicket taker bowler for years in entire wcl) yes all these names are playing for ICC. Shan khan knows how to entertain people on Facebook, ICC lost 2015 championship under Sabin’s leadership, but can they extract it off this year? They’re looking really solid, but can they utilize all these superstars? Waqas Shahid, has to play some real sensible cricket and get this team to PD. One more thing, ICC did choke in 2014 T20 final, 2015 40 overs final against Potomac; will they choke again this yr?

Fairfax: Vivek and Sabin are leading this team from the front. If these two go on scoring every next game they will win this year’s championship. They had the perfect opportunity to win the #1 spot for PD, but they gave away 20 some runs in last two overs. Fairfax lacks in the bowling department, and the middle order. They keep bowling millions of extras every game. I don’t know if Fairfax is ready for PD. May be kaushal, will join them next year if they do win this year. Fairfax will play in their home soil for a quarterfinal. I honestly think Fairfax is not concerned in winning this year. A group of old buddies playing together for fun. Hopefully something big will come from Sabin.

Kensington: What can I say about them? All eyes are on Jamaica and that’s where all Kensington pros are playing. They’re genuinely not worried. They have players with a loud mouth and no subject field in them. Ryan Scott, controversy had EC WORRIED, but they read it like any other concerns. The Vikings are the sore losers and they really dislike EC’s decision lol. No, I don’t envision them in final. They lost Marvin Darlington to Shan and they were not happy when ICC defeated them this yr. They hated on Marvin, but he recognized this was coming. Will they play Suspended RYAN SCOTT IN PLAYOFFS?????? I’m thinking they will.

Empire: Can SHAMY take this squad to the finals this year? Can he bat and bowl every game? Can he keeps taking wickets for empire and keeps scoring runs for them. He’s very active on wcl page and always arguing. Zawar, has played some sensible cricket this year and his mark will help empire in the playoffs. I think fitness of empire players is in question. I think Fairfax will give them trouble for their money. They lost to the empire in Woodmore, but it’s very difficult to beat them the second time. My bank is on Fairfax if they contain extras, they can easily defeat Empire. Will empire last first round of playoffs? I’ll let SHAMY answer this one.

My picks for quarterfinal.

Sixers vs Icc: Raja, please do not pick a matting field for your game. The ICC bowling attack will terrify you with their spin attack. You’re a batting side pick the TURF SIDE. Don’t allow your ego do the damage. My bank is on you. You haven’t won against icc in wcl yet!!! Maybe you can change it this time.


Fairfax vs. Empire: Fairfax just contain on your extras. Empire will try to hit every bowl for a six. Just hold in all your fielders on the boundary. Fairfax my bank is on you in this game.


Dulles vs. Kensington: On a good day no one can beat Kensington. A batch of experience players is playing in the playoffs. One sided game for me.




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