The WCL Elections


The election season is upon us – in the WCL. According to inside sources, Shoaib Ahmed is not running for President again. Last time he changed his mind and ran after deciding not run, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he changed his mind again. But for now, let’s focus on the scenario if he decides not to run. The natural heir to the position is Nikhil Deshpande, who has been Shoaib’s deputy during his entire tenure. Nikhil has excellent administrative skills and likes to keep a low profile. He quietly does his job effectively. His experience as the VP gives him the perfect credentials to take on the Presidential responsibilities.

Who then replaces Nikhil? The most important criteria, to my mind, is that the person should work well with Nikhil. That does not mean he has to agree with everything that Nikhil wants, but someone who can effectively work with Nikhil and help with the day-to-day league activities. The VP job requires someone with a patient personality who is detail oriented. It’s an operations position where one has to coordinate umpiring assignment duties, be involved with Judiciary matters, coordinate pre-season seminars and playoff management, and work with the treasurer to ensure that accounting remains current and accurate. As you can see, the person must have good management and operations skill. The job also requires good interpersonal skills as the VP is the conduit between the President and the rest of the Executive Committee. Just as Nikhil was a big reason why Shoaib was successful, Nikhil as President will need someone who can help him be successful. The membership must make sure that they choose wisely. The future of the league will be greatly affected by this one decision.

By and large, the EC has done a good job and those candidates who wish to continue should be allowed to do so (i.e re-elected). I can’t think of a compelling reason not to re-elect them. However I believe there will be 3 other positions that will likely be vacated and will require new candidates. As I said, it is critical that the electorate chooses a team that can work well together. They should get along and have a healthy respect for each other for the EC to function smoothly.

So how should the candidates be chosen? I believe that whoever decides to run must provide a resume and outline their skills and explain why they should be chosen for the respective positions. In addition, the candidates must clearly articulate their vision for the next 2 years. They must make their position clear on various topics and be willing to participate in a conference call with team POCs where they should be ready to answer questions.

The league now has a budget of over $100,000 and it is important that all candidates undergo a certain level of scrutiny. All candidates for the various positions must declare their candidacy at least 15 days ahead of the election so they can be vetted by the teams. And all candidates must make themselves available for a Q&A session where they must state and defend their positions.

As WCL further matures as an organization, it must have people in power who are accountable and must earn our confidence before we go to the ballot. The vetting of the candidates must start now. The league can ill afford to have surprises with un-vetted candidates.


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  1. Time to strive for more racial diversity in the management. Might is not always right.

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