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  • Kaushal’s Semi Final Picks for PD

    Kaushal’s Semi Final Picks for PD

    There are 2 cracking games to look forward to in PD this weekend. Tigers were upset last week by an inspirational performance by Boyds while VCC won a comfortable game against Titans who stumbled yet again in the quarter-finals of the PD 40 over league due to batting issues in […]

  • D2 SF Picks

    D2 SF Picks

    Top four teams remain after a grueling season of cricket. Three higher seed teams saw their season come to an end but what a season did Hunters, Spartans and Empire have. Well played all and good luck for next year !! Time for a bigger match-up as no less than […]

  • D1 SF Picks — Anonymous1

    D1 SF Picks — Anonymous1

    Pre- Pick summary: Before I make the picks, I would first like to congratulate UMBC on a stellar season; they were promoted to premier division, and won the T20 WCL Night tournament as well. This team has many good players, and the unit could have been easily broken after last […]

  • Random thoughts….

    Random thoughts….

    I was highly amused by the FB comments about Odds Maker’s picks. People tend to take these things a little too personal. But I guess to each their own J I realized that there is some mis-understanding of the Odds Maker’s picks so I figured I should clarify it. You […]

  • WCL D1 Picks for Semi Finals by Anonymous 2

    WCL D1 Picks for Semi Finals by Anonymous 2

    Prologue I wonder if teams realize what Kensington’s loss has done to their chances of a Premier birth. I wonder if they are prepared for Premier. I wonder what their opinion of the latest acquisition culture is.   Potomac Vs Urbana Kensington’s loss to Urbana has opened up the Premier […]

  • The OddsMaker’s Playoff Picks

    The OddsMaker’s Playoff Picks

    Playoffs 2015 So here we go again and I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what the Oddsmaker’s accuracy rate is. Figuratively the Oddsmaker cares only about volatility in the market and how to come out on top. So let me start by stating that I had predicted Zolon’s […]

  • D2 playoffs — QF

    D2 playoffs — QF

    An exciting weekend of Div 2 Cricket coming up. Kudos to Tahir for a schedule like this which went to the very last weekend. It came as a shocker to many as Chargers are out of the playoffs. Highly disappointing to me personally given the talent they possess in form […]

  • Week 13 — D1

    Week 13 — D1

    Power ranking: UMBC Kensington Potomac Fairfax ICC Sixers Congratulations to UMBC for beating Tigers in the WCL night tournament Semifinal. Tigers had few USA players playing, and the fact that UMBC beat them with their local guys shows the talent we have in our own WCL. Sixers play Vikings in […]

  • Week 13 — Srikanth K.

    Week 13 — Srikanth K.

    FINAL week of regular season. The euphoria for the playoffs has already begun and it’s a matter of last minute adjustments to some team compositions and making sure their arsenal is in firing mode. Some teams will be on the field this week to win and tweak their PO rankings […]

  • PD week 12 — Srikanth K.

    PD week 12 — Srikanth K.

    Week 12 Picks- PD Final couple of weeks for regular season and most teams are secured their playoff berths. Just a matter of deciding the rankings and preparations on which teams to face. JAMAICA NITRO WILLIAMWIRT PICK: Last week’s loss to Cosmos has all but sealed Nitro’s fate. They will […]