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  • Promotion to PD should be earned….not inherited

    Promotion to PD should be earned….not inherited

    The two teams demoted from PD to D1 after the 2017 forty over season, based on standings, are  Nitro and Sri Lankan. Reliable sources have said that Urbana has requested the league that they would like to move down from PD to D1. There is nothing wrong with that, as […]

  • Interview with the WCL President

    Interview with the WCL President

    The incident at the PD final has raised significant concern around the league as to how the league will handle this situation and how we can prevent such an event from happening in the future. There has been a lot of discussion on the wcl forum and amongst the wcl […]

  • PD Semi Final analysis by Ahsan Chaudhary

    PD Semi Final analysis by Ahsan Chaudhary

    There were two D1 articles written by 2 guys who play in D1 and posted on our site today. I know both these guys. One article was straight forward analysis of the games this coming weekend. The other article had some harsh words about a couple of teams that lost […]

  • D1 QF review and SF picks — By the Ghost

    D1 QF review and SF picks — By the Ghost

    Alright ladies, I’m back. The GHOST is here with some rants. I remember watching Chris Gayle hitting massive sixes in Woodmore and this should tell you, I’m not your ordinary joe.    Division 1.    Congratulations Fairfax, ICC, Stars and Dulles. You totally deserve to play in division 1 semifinal. […]

  • D1 Semi-final round

    D1 Semi-final round

    We are past the quarter finals into the semis and competition is going to get even tougher now.   Quick Review –   In the ICC/Sixers game, ICC batted Sixers out of the game. This can happen at Strawberry particularly to teams that do not have a strong bowling attack […]

  • D2 QF preview by MA

    D2 QF preview by MA

    Division 2 playoffs:   Today’s Travel vs. Washington Chargers@Strawberry This match is definitely one to watch for and I will try to remain unbiased when writing this but can’t promise anything. Chargers have played this season with 10 players on the field for 70 percent of their games. Availability issues […]

  • AC’s QF picks for PD

    AC’s QF picks for PD

    Playoffs are finally here and if there was any lack of context and/or drama then the recent on field controversies and the subsequent activity on the facebook has provided the necessary ingredients to engage the otherwise indifferent WCL audience. Congratulations to all the teams who made it thus far as […]

  • D1 Quarter Final picks

    D1 Quarter Final picks

    Let’s just say that for the sake this article and what it’s trying to convey, it doesn’t matter who I am. I ask that the reader not worry about that. I keep my identity hidden just to make sure my FB profile remains PG13. So, here is my take on […]

  • Views on select topics…and PD picks for QF

    Last week was rather interesting. Let’s recap: The previous week, when the bunny sent me an email with the link to his article I informed the wcl community that such an article existed and those interested in it can reach out to me (I assumed the writer sent similar emails […]

  • Need to change with the times

    Need to change with the times

    The other day, Julius and I were having a casual conversation about the state of affairs in the PD. He mentioned to me that there have been very few compelling and competitive games in the PD. The PD today is very top heavy with Potomac, 22Yards, Jamaica and Virginia as […]