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  • PD week 1 picks

    PD week 1 picks

    Ahsan Chaudhary For cricket purists, time has come for real cricket and finally weather seems to be on board as well (though that may change given its recent infidelities). We have two games scheduled for Saturday and four for Sunday. In my personal opinion, PD has never been more competitive […]

  • D2 Week 1 picks

    D2 Week 1 picks

    Mohammad Ahmed As the 40 over season starts I would like to wish all the teams good luck for the hot summer and the long matches. T20 was disappointing for a lot of people because of the rain, but this is a good chance to perform and win for your […]

  • The OddsMaker 2016 preview

    The OddsMaker 2016 preview

    Hello WCL, I’m back all refreshed and ready to set the odds for 2016 40 over season. I was asked by CE to rate the T20 but I feel that format of cricket has taken away the purity of a beautiful game. Wait soccer is the beautiful game, cricketers are […]

  • PD Preview 2016 for the 40 over season

    PD Preview 2016 for the 40 over season

    The rain marred t20 season left a lot of teams unfulfilled and short on competitive match practice. Let’s hope the rains have had their fill and will now leave the weekends alone for the longer version, which everyone looks forward to. This is the version where batsmen get to plan […]

  • D1 40 over preview and week 1 picks

    D1 40 over preview and week 1 picks

    Bobby Peddireddy After a lackluster, rain-affected T20 Season, 40 over Cricket is finally about to hit DMV this weekend, but it will be racing against potential thunderstorms. Who will win this race, only time will tell. The big change for Div-1 40 over season from the T20s will be the […]

  • Resolving issues with due consideration

    Resolving issues with due consideration

    Every time a discussion topic comes up on FB someone tries to end the discussion with “Bring this up at the AGM for discussion”. I find this rather puzzling. To me, discussing key issues at the AGM is a relic of the past. In the days before email and social […]

  • Giving teams one more chance

    Giving teams one more chance

    Overcoming the Weather The WCL 2016 t20 regular season came to a very anticlimactic end on Sunday, May 22nd, courtesy the weather. So many teams were left dissatisfied due their inability to have a chance to play. Several teams had close to 50% of their games rained out. This created […]

  • PD t20 picks for week 5

    PD t20 picks for week 5

    Ahsan Chaudhary With the constant company of rainy gloom, last week saw some unexpected results and made the playoff, relegation scenario quite interesting. This Saturday looks almost certain to be washed out but let’s examine those matchups anyways along with Sunday games. 22 Yards vs Tigers May 21st at Woodmoor: […]

  • D1 t20 picks for week 5

    D1 t20 picks for week 5

    Bobby Peddireddy     Rain has played spoilsport for much of the season, and won’t seem to be slowing down this weekend either. WCL EC has done a great job by being proactive in either calling games off or moving them to a different venue. Let’s keep our fingers crossed […]

  • D2 t20 picks week 5

    D2 t20 picks week 5

    Mohammad Ahmed Warrior vs. Bengals @ Frederick Pick: Bengals Both teams will be fighting it out for the bottom half of the table. I’m going with Bengals because they do have some talented players.   Masters vs Omnitech @ Kenmore Pick: Masters I am going for Masters for this fixture […]