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  • Div-1 round up (5/19 – 5/20)

    Div-1 round up (5/19 – 5/20)

    A great start to the 40 over season with some exciting finishes and some scintilating upsets. Let’s start with the Virginia vs Tigers game. I was expecting the scores to be around the 180 mark. But low scoring games are just as exciting. It is obvious that both teams played […]

  • My thoughts

    My thoughts

    Anurag’s persuasion was pretty much why I agreed to play for Zolon. Having played cricket in this area under the WMCB banner since 2004, I thought it would be a different experience getting a taste of playing cricket in the WCL. And what better way to do this other than […]

  • Thoughts on WCL games for this week end

    Thoughts on WCL games for this week end

    The WCL 40 over schedule begins this weekend. We invite all to come and express your thoughts and opinions about the various games taking palce this week. The discussion topic can be anything. From ground conditions to weather to matchups, player transfers, etc. Its up to you. Just make sure […]

  • Coming together – as a TEAM

    Coming together – as a TEAM

    Hemanth Kishore called me near the end of last season. He said, “Anurag will you be interested in taking over the team. I don’t have the time or the energy to do it any longer. Besides, many of the players have moved on and we are struggling to field a competitive team on a weekly basis.” We […]