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  • Oddsmaker’s take on WCL T20 season

    Oddsmaker’s take on WCL T20 season

    Although posted on our site, the views of the oddsmaker are his. We didn’t expect him to rate our team so highly. We wish he hadn’t as we haven’t earned anything yet and don’t think  we’re anywhere near as good as he has made us out to be. T-20 The […]

  • WCL Open?

    WCL Open?

    This is the second part of the article related to night cricket. The first article talked about the initiative itself, and what are the potential pros and cons of the event. This article focuses on how I would conduct this tournament, if it was up to me.  As I stated […]

  • Night Cricket — Is it your cup of tea?

    Night Cricket — Is it your cup of tea?

    The president announced last week that WCL will be conducting a night cricket tournament this year. This is a wonderful next step for cricket in the DC area. It shows that there is tremendous growth in cricket and we will continue to see further growth in the future. Congratulations to […]

  • Pre season banter plus 2014 games format for all Divisions

    Pre season banter plus 2014 games format for all Divisions

    The WCL season is a about two and a half months away, pre-season games and tournament less than 2 months away — with the Zolon Invitational Tournament looking to take place in early April (based on field preparation and permits).   Several WCL members have been looking for information about the […]

  • WCL 2013 Awards Night — Recap

    WCL 2013 Awards Night — Recap

    WCL 2013 Awards Banquet   Washington Cricket League hosted its 2013 Awards Banquet at the Clarion Hotel near National Harbor on Saturday evening. The turnout was very good with 100+ members attending. All the teams that were receiving trophies and individual awards were present in good numbers. The Executive Committee, […]

  • Player of the Year (MVP) — Omissions

    Player of the Year (MVP) — Omissions

    WCL exective committee nominated the following five highly worthy candidates for Player Of The Year honors: Charan Singh, Sheldon Mowatt, Roshan Rao, Minhaj Shahid, Danial Ahmed. All five had an excellent year and played key roles in their respective team’s success. One can argue for any of these nominations and […]

  • Captain of the year and the WCL Awards Banquet

    Captain of the year and the WCL Awards Banquet

    The Washington Cricket League will celebrate the 2013 season at its annual banquet this Saturday. The statistical awards and the various championship trophies have already been announced. Congratulations to all the teams and players for the accomplishments. I’m sure all of you will greatly enjoy being recognized in front of […]

  • Colored or white clothing

    Colored or white clothing

    There was a passionate discussion at the AGM on the topic of colored clothing and white ball. When it was time to vote, the initiative was narrowly defeated. The argument made by those who wanted to remain with the white clothing was the following: 1) White clothing is traditional and […]

  • New Leadership

    New Leadership

    After the WCL season ended, I had a conversation with Shoaib Ahmed about his plans for next year. I asked him, “Do you plan to run for President again?” He said, “I’m not sure. I will take some time to think this over. But as of right now, I do […]

  • Zolon International Tournament — Final

    Zolon International Tournament — Final

    The final pitted Team USA vs Team India at the Hyatttsville ground. India won the toss and elected to bat first. Rahul and Vishal opened the innings. Unfortunately, India had a disastrous start. Rahul was out first over, caught behind, and Vishal in the 4th over. Team USA had seized […]