• Week 13 — D1

    Week 13 — D1

    Power ranking: UMBC Kensington Potomac Fairfax ICC Sixers Congratulations to UMBC for beating Tigers in the WCL night tournament Semifinal. Tigers had few USA players playing, and the fact that UMBC beat them with their local guys shows the talent […]

  • Week 13 — Srikanth K.

    Week 13 — Srikanth K.

    FINAL week of regular season. The euphoria for the playoffs has already begun and it’s a matter of last minute adjustments to some team compositions and making sure their arsenal is in firing mode. Some teams will be on the […]

  • D1 week 12 – Anonymous

    D1 week 12 – Anonymous

    Power rankings UMBC Kensington Potomac Urbana Sixers Fairfax The surprise loss of Potomac means there are officially only two teams fighting for the top spot: UMBC and Kensington. Both have very good matchups this week, and there is a possibility Premier […]

  • PD week 12 — Srikanth K.

    PD week 12 — Srikanth K.

    Week 12 Picks- PD Final couple of weeks for regular season and most teams are secured their playoff berths. Just a matter of deciding the rankings and preparations on which teams to face. JAMAICA NITRO WILLIAMWIRT PICK: Last week’s loss […]

  • D2 — Week 12

    D2 — Week 12

    Current standings includes H2H : WCL DIV II 40 Over Standings # Club Played Wins Losses NR Points Win % 1 Empire 11 8 2 1 17 80% 2 Nova 11 8 2 1 17 80% 3 Spartans 11 7 […]

  • D1 week 11 — Anonymous

    D1 week 11 — Anonymous

    Power rankingUMBCPotomacKensingtonFairfaxICC Sixers First of all, a big shout out to Sixers and UMBC as being the division 1 teams to make semi- finals of the WCL night tournament. I really hope they win their semifinals match up ( both […]

  • PD & D1 week 11 — Srikanth K.

    PD & D1 week 11 — Srikanth K.

    Week 11 Picks- PD Some big upsets last weekend and surely has opened the floodgates for some teams. Teams will be more focused in the last few weeks and not take oppositions for granted. Cosmos vs Nitro @Fairfax: Cosmos has the […]


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