• PD semi final round

    PD semi final round

    Last weekend one team won comfortably to reach this stage, while the other was lucky to survive. Potomac’s star batsmen made the 200 run chase look easy. These two guys are easily the best 1-2 punch in the league and […]

  • D1 semi-final round

    D1 semi-final round

    For D1 too this can be a very decisive weekend. Last weekend Vikings used their experience to upset the very talented Empire team, which was looking to enter PD and make some noise next year. Empire had big plans for […]

  • D2 Semi Final Round

    D2 Semi Final Round

    For D2, this could turn out to be the decisive weekend. Both Nova and Pakistan will be hoping that Washington wins against Spartans, thus clearing the path for the winner of their game promotion to D1. If Spartans win, then […]

  • PD picks QF

    PD picks QF

    After all the brouhaha created, courtesy my article yesterday, it is time to now focus on the actual games on the fields. So let me welcome everyone to the Virginia Cricket Club Invitational tournament. Why you ask? Because this is […]

  • The OddsMaker’s 2016 Playoff predictions for all 3 Divisions

    The OddsMaker’s 2016 Playoff predictions for all 3 Divisions

    The biggest question on everyone’s mind is will the games happen this weekend.  I’m sure that everyone has a weather forecast app. My app says games will go on this weekend.  Which leads me to a simple message to EC […]

  • The errant ways of the WCL EC

    The errant ways of the WCL EC

    It’s been a while since I wrote an article about the EC. Perhaps the EC felt that nobody is now watching them. How else do you explain some of the things that are happening. EC sent out a message that […]

  • D1 QF picks for 2016 Playoffs

    D1 QF picks for 2016 Playoffs

    The top of D11 has been very competitive and its followers will see compelling competition in the playoffs. Star was certainly the surprise and breakthrough team. There are no other surprise teams in the playoffs. If seeds hold true to […]


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